Your Kids Need the Authentic You

Cultivate a discipline of authenticity through the practice of journaling. The authenticity toolkit supports dads in their path to journaling.


Reflective Growth

Unlock personal insights and grow alongside your family.


Strengthen Bonds

Forge deeper connections through shared stories and experiences.


Craft a Legacy

Discover your voice and calling through the discipline of writing.

Don’t Let Life’s Moments Slip Away

In the rush of daily life, don’t miss the chance to capture and share your unique story.

Through bite-size lessons and customized daily prompts to support your journaling discipline.

Dive into your thoughts and feelings, turning reflections into connections.

Personalized prompts guide you through your journaling journey.

Uncover your voice as you capture your most precious moments and ideas.

Journal Dad Authenticity Toolkit

A Guided Experience for Dads Who Value Depth and Authenticity

Video Course

Bite-Sized Lessons


Easy to finish

Covers Mindset and Discipline

PDF on any device

A.I. App

Personalized Prompts

2 weeks of focused Journaling

Anonymous Usage

Become a Journal Dad

Uncover Authenticity in 3 easy steps:



Join Journal Dad and gain access to your toolkit – video course, ebook, and app – upon purchase.



Dive into the video course, eBook, and get your personalized prompts. Start your discipline.



Use your insights to connect more deeply with yourself and your family.

(Y)Our Story

Envision yourself a year from now: more grounded, deeply connected with your children, and living a life that’s true to your deepest values.

Your journal isn’t just a book; it’s a testament to a life well-lived, a legacy of authenticity you’re building day by day.

Journal Dad is more than just a product; it’s a pathway to deeper connections and personal growth for dads. By integrating simple yet powerful journaling practices into your life, you can capture the essence of your experiences, share your journey with your family, and create a legacy of authenticity and love. Ready to start your journey?

Not Ready to Write Your Next Chapter?

Download our free PDF, ‘5 Steps to Meaningful Journaling for Dads’, and discover the first steps toward a richer family life.